Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#3 - Walking Through Nature

What to share today? Anything interesting? Hmmm... Okay, to begin with, i am glad that one of my best buddy in nature Mr. Bel is back on track with his blog. I am really glad that he working on his blog again after his silence in 2010. His blog title The Living Conservationist is something interesting to read. Do drop by his site and you will amazed with his stories. Been working with him for three years and gain knowledge and valuable experience. He is one of a kind, i may say. So, to know more of him visit his blog by clicking the link that above or just search for him in my collection of links at Nature Lovers Stories. If have time and more ideas i will share about him here in my blog. But, for today i want to share about my encounter with Mr. Sundasciurus jentinki, the Jentink's Squirrel last week.

How to describe my feeling when i observed him? Hmmm... overacted a little bit because i am very exited. As i walk through the plank walk, my eyes captured by the movements of the tree leaves and small liana on the left side of the plank walk. Trying to find out what is was, my eyes keep on searching for another movements on the trees. Yep.. about 4 meter above me, there he was. The most obvious things that i saw was the tail. It is very slender tail compared to the other squirrels that i observed before, Prevost's squirrel, Plantain squirrel etc. This is something different and i know i never seen one in wild before. I only saw it in the book.. hmmm.. lucky i am today that i saw him. But, i can't captured his photos because he is too far and my camera is out of battery. With that, i am not that lucky. But lucky enough to encounter one of my new friend Mr. Jentink's Squirrel.

To share it with you guys, here is the photo of him that captured by one of my friend Ch'ien Lee somewhere in Sepilok, Sabah. Just to share a bit of how is actually this fella looks like. (mmm...i am sorry that when i share my story i make/describe this little creature just like human...he he he).... Here it is:
Photo Credit to Ch'ien Lee
Sepilok, Sabah
See the tail?? That is what i saw... he he he... Till then... (",)
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