Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Love Nature

Is it enough by saying it and tell the whole world about it? Mmmm.. I am not sure because lately, i find out that my knowledge about nature is decreasing not increase anymore. I even can not identify a pitcher plant, one of the plants that i always love to take picture before.

I took this photo last year during my visit to Long Pasia, Sipitang, Sabah.
I can not tell, what is the species of this Nepenthes... 
How pity i am now. That is what i think though... Will i give up on this because the pitcher plant case is not the only one. A bird, one of the group of animals that i used to study before also become fading from my brain cells. I can not tell what is the species of the bird that i found at one of the Bird's Shop.

Photo taken using my phone camera.
It was taken last week at one of the pet shop somewhere in Sabah.
Feel a little bit disappointed of myself because i really want to share something about all the animals that i found. However, i can not do it because i can not identify them. I can not share much about those animals with you guys here. Hmmm... Maybe i am pushing myself too hard now since this year will be my 3rd year of away from this field. I will return .. and i promised to myself that i will be back to nature. With God's will...

Till then!
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