Friday, July 10, 2009

Animal Droppings/Dung

I am not sure if I need to share a story about this photos that I have. But, I think it is worth to be shared. As we walk in the forest we will always found something interesting and this dropping draw my attention. It looks like quite new and I can say the animal doing its business during the night. Must be this animal is a nocturnal species which only going out during the night.

There are two possibilities. It might be owned by civets or wild cats. I ask my field guide @ my assistant for my hiking. He told me it looks like civet droppings. I have no idea about it but maybe he is right or he maybe wrong. I was lucky because at the same time I got the chance to take a nice shot of this butterfly which lingering on this dropping.

Alright, I think it is enough about this animal dropping. Will talk about something alive again tomorrow. Just stay with me and my discoveries.
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