Sunday, July 5, 2009

Giant River Toad (Bufo juxtasper)

We walk along the board walk for about 1 km. As usual I will try to be aware of my surroundings but this time I have to make sure GPS that I am holding not lost its coverage. The canopy cover is very dense, only at some parts there are gap that can help me to make sure my GPS get its reading.

My friend and I keep on moving forward along the board walk. We have a regular Giant River Toad sit still on the board walk and I hope we will see it as we walk through.

We are very lucky because we found one and here it is. According to Inger and Stuebing (2005), the male size is between 90-120 mm and for female is between 125-215 mm. This is very large toad and it is not tied to stream banks. No wonder we found it on the board walk which is quite far from the stream.

That’s it for today. Only one discovery for one day. See you tomorrow.
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