Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wild Fruit Trees

Quite a few fruits on the large or small trees and fall on the forest floor attract my attentions as well. Some of the fallen fruits have been eaten by animals based on the bite on it. I am not sure when is the flowering or fruiting season for wild fruits in tropical forest but during my visit, there are quite a few trees are flowering and fruiting.

Not all species of forest fruits are consumable and animals are very smart and aware about it.

These are the two types of fruits that I saw during my walk and I am sure only one of these is consume by animal.

This is Ficus sp. and actually there are lots of ants covering these fruits but not clear in this photo.

This is a lower plants and very small trees but i am not sure if this fruit can be consume.
Tomorrow i will share a little bit about gingers. Till then.
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