Saturday, July 11, 2009

Water Skink – Something New

I only talk about monitor lizards quite some time in my previous post. It was my new discovery of Rough-necked Tree Monitor (Varanus rudiclois). For this entry, I have new discovery of another lizards. I found something interesting. I only can say that I found a Water Skink because I don’t know what species was it.

I tried to do some reading and look in my field guide book written by Das (2004) but my photo and my memories doesn’t help me much to identify it. This book only mentioned about five species of water skink. They are Tropidophorus beccarii (Smooth-scales Water Skink), Tropidophorus brookei (Bornean Water Skink), Tropidophorus micropus, Tropidophorus mocquardii (High-elevation Water Skink) and Tropidophorus perplexus. All these five species are endemic to Borneo. Sounds really interesting isn’t it? This one, the one that I found maybe something new or maybe one of these five. I have no idea.

I saw it stand still on the dead log inside the small stream. Actually I tried to get closer and get the close-up photo but it was inside the stream and the water limits my movement. So, this is the only best shot that I have.
Anyone dare to help me identifying this water skink? Do leave me comments. Thanks guys.
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