Monday, September 9, 2013

#1 ~ The Mangrove Adventure Begins

I came from a village that river is the main transportation. It is located along the Igan River. I put quite a few entries about my village when i start this blog and you can find it by click to this link:
Part 1: My Childhood (mind my grammar in that entry because the main reason creating this blog during that time was "to improve my poor English")
Frustration on Rajang River Disaster (you will find a few links in this entry and i am sure this entry will remind you of the 2010 tragedy in Rajang River). 
So, what i want to share is that, there is a mangroves in my village. This including a few species of mangrove trees such as Nypa fruticans, Bruguiera sp and also Sonneratia sp in my village. Then, when i get an offer from this new company that i am working now, i was excited when i was told to be working in the mangrove. Even though i will be far away from home, miles away, but i will feel like i am at HOME. Why? Because i will be in the mangroves. Sounds crazy to you? Maybe i am am.

So, my first visit to this mangrove forest was way back on 10th of July 2013. We went there through the sea and i found it, this mangrove is SPECIAL and INTERESTING to be explored. To be honest, i don't have any clue of the mangrove species and what else inside there. This become more exciting when i know that i will learn something new here and new findings not like up on the MOUNTAIN. (^___^). Well, it's very warm here compare to the mountain. 

This entry is only my introduction. I will share more after this. It's good to make you wonder, what i found right? I leave you with these photos, till then!

The river mouth, into the mangrove area from sea.

The Rhizhopora forest. Observed the roots!!! AMAZING right?!!

Ignore my chubbiness, just look at what i have in my hands. Its Horseshoe crab, Tachypleus tridentatus.!!! 

 Till then guys! Enjoy!

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