Sunday, April 18, 2010

Environmental Awareness Workshop - Part 2

I did share a little bit about this programme in my previous post : PART 1. Okay, let me share about the activities that they were doing for the four days programme.

Registration on the first day...
On the first day after registration they were introduce to department responsibility towards the communities that the company engaged too, nature club concept on supporting environment and recycle. These three was presented by three different speakers from three different organization.

After lunch they have group discussion on two different topics, nature and wildlife and environmental issues. They really have a great ideas about these two issues based on their group presentation. They are aware of the issues such as global warming, illegal hunting, green house effects etc. However, when asked about what they can do to help or support any environmental efforts, they have no answer for that. This is really shows that they are not expose to any environmental campaign. They didn't know that they can do something to help their environments. Even a small action.

Group presentation on current environmental issues.

Sorry guys, i feel sleepy now. To be continue soon. Night all!

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