Monday, April 19, 2010

Voluntary Works With TIGERs

Way back in 2008, i was doing my voluntarily work at Taman TUMBINA, Bintulu, Sarawak. On my first day, i was asks to work with the TIGERs. Awesome because i like this big cat but they are a bit scary huh! 

There were four tigers in that wildlife park. They are Michail (Male tiger originated from Malacca Zoo), Kimba (female tiger given by London Circus), Pat (Michail daughter) and Manai (Michail daughter). Special names given to four of them. Hehehhe... 

Among all of them Pat is very friendly and easy to play with. However, i still have to be careful because the claws is very sharp. 

It was an interesting and interesting experienced because i was so close to four of them. I even can hold Pat's hand. Another three were a bit scary since they keep on making the roar sounds. 

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