Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tiger Trivia

So many facts about tiger right. Let us have a break first. Here is Tiger Trivia also i extracted from WWF. Quite interesting info here.
  • Latin name for tiger is Panthera tigris. The word "panthera" is argued from oriental word means "yellow-white" and "tigris" derived from Greek word which means arrow, as the species can move swiftly even through the dense forest.
  • Tiger stripes are individually as unique as human finger prints. There are no identical tigers!
  • I you shaved tiger fur, you'll still find stripes in its skin.
  • Tiger saliva acts as antiseptic that helps clean its wound.
  • Unlike Lion, adult wild tiger is solitary territorial animal, marking their territory by urine and scratch marks on tree trunks.
  • A male tiger territory never overlaps with other male's territory, thus tiger needs large unfragmented home range for them to survive.
  • A female tiger usually roam around her mother' range.
  • Unlike domestic cat, tiger loves water and a great swimmer.
  • Adult tiger can eat up to 40kg of food at a time. After a big meal, it may not eat again for 1 or 2 weeks. 
  • Tiger is a highly adaptable hunter, their habitat varies from taiga in Russia, grassland in India, to tropical mangrove swamp in Southeast Asia. 
For more info visit WWF website.

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