Monday, April 12, 2010

300th Posts Before 3rd Year Blog Anniversary

Pheww... I was thinking of making this happen before my blog anniversary on 22nd April 2010. However, this is really far to be done. I have only 10 days and i have about 52 posts to do. Owh..still very far to reach. If i want to make this happen at least i have 5 to 6 entries per day. Hahaha.. i need to think creatively what i suppose to write in here to fulfill this target.

I will keep on trying to do so even though this sounds crazy and impossible. For a 3rd year of my blog anniversary i want to make it 300th on the 22nd. Never say i can't before the date is over.

I have decided to participate in Tiger BlogFest by Dr. Bala (Planet of the Monyets), so i think i should take that opportunity to write at least 10 entries about Tiger. Whatever it is i want to support the efforts that he started. As one of the conservationist in this country, this is the chance to make a little thing that may bring big impacts to others outside there. Sounds that i am really into this. I hope i can make it, not just talk but no action.

Okay, i think have to start thinking and plan for my next 51 posts to make my 300th post is possible.

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