Sunday, April 11, 2010

April - It was a silence start!

Wow..i didn't notice that i wasn't write anything for this month yet. Sorry for that friends. I am tied with some tasks for the last two weeks. Lots of things that make me can't think properly and my creativity to jot down something in this blog also disappeared for a while.

Still can't think of something interesting to share yet. But i think i may use the space to share some great photos that i took sometime ago. Let me check my pictures file first.

Perhaps i didn't share the story of my green friend yet with you guys here. Let me tell you a little bit about him. If you walking in Sabah/Sarawak (Borneo) forests you may coincidently met this guy. It is quite easy to find. This one i saw resting on the rocks not far from our field station. Stay there calmly but then when it started to realize my present and i keep moving closer to him to take the best shot of him, he started to be curious. This second picture shows the crested neck because when it feels threaten it will change it's colour to brown or show off this crested neck. Usually the one with crested neck is male.

See. He already show off it's crested neck. Okay. Let me introduce this little friend to you guys.

Family : Agamidae
Species Name : Bronchocela cristatella
English Name : Green Crested Lizard
Size (snout to vent) : 13 cm
Size (total length) : 57 cm
Distribution : Occurs throughout West Malaysia, and on the island of Borneo. In Singapore its range is in decline, possibly due to competition from the Changeable Lizard, Calotes versicolor.

Alright, that is a little bit info about him. He is pretty isn't he? Interesting reptiles. Till then.....

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