Monday, April 12, 2010

Now You See Now You Don't

These few months or i can say almost about a year after i switch my job to social work, i lost my sense of identifying animals or plants. Too much thinking about human with their attitudes and giving so much headache. Yuhoo... I am complaining again. Nope, this is not a good working atmosphere. I need to stop complaining.

Alright, better i talk about something i like and love the most. Here we goes. I met this little critter way back in September last year. This was during my Hari Raya holiday at my village, Igan, Sarawak.

Actually, i was helping my mum with the palm tree (rumbia). Suddenly my eyes caught by this litter critter somewhere on the grass. Let me show some of his pictures first. Here they are. 

He keep on with his position seems to ignoring my presence. 

After a while, he is ready to fly away. You can see his leg is very strong. Ready to jump and took off.

Only about five minutes he left me alone again. Holding my camera still trying to get the best pose from him. By the way, these two photos, he is handsome here. :-)

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