Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great Egret

My mum and i was on our way back home (sorry mum, i made you popular again to appear in my blog). We are heading back home using boats. The water level is very low so i can see the river banks clearly at the both sides of the river.

Actually i am the one that drive our boat but since my camera is always in my hand so i tried to captured photo while i was driving (don't imitate this action if you are driving cars, for boats maybe it is okay). There was an egret on the river banks. But she was too far. Even i used my camera zoom also can't get a clear picture of her. She was busy stalking for her food. With her long leg and sharp beak she moves slowly. But after a while, i think she notice i ma taking her photos and she began to move faster.

This is all i can took for that day. Not a great photos and not a good catch. Actually this is a migrant birds that a lots in my village. At dawn, you will see they flew in a group and land on the 'nipah' trees at the river banks. So cool if i can took the photos when they rest on the trees.

Can read more info about this bird at : Great Egret.

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